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Holiday Jewelry Giveaway

at Hunt Elementary


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     Joan Rounds and Nukhet Hendricks participated in Read for the Record Day at Hunt Elementary. This national program is sponsored by Jumpstart. A book is chosen each year to be read across the country to young readers on Read for the Record Day. The book "fosters language and social-emotional development, honors the diversity in our world, has a strong narrative, and appeals to young children. 

Eight CSWC members volunteered at Our Father's Soup Kitchen for the 2023 GFWC Day of Service



     Eight members of the Coral Springs Woman’s Club met at Our Father's Soup Kitchen in Pompano Beach to pass out doughnuts and coffee at 10 AM. 

     During that time, 6 prepped for lunch. Lettuc was chopped, 8 dozen eggs were peeled, tomatoes were cut up, applesauce was put into small cups, and ice cream was dished out for tomorrow lunch. Lunches were then packed into bags.

Along with the lunches, coffee, soda,and soup with crackers was also passed out to 150 of our homeless population. The ladies brought blankets and socks to be given away on clothing day.  This was the way our club participated in the GFWC Day of Service on September 26, 2023.


C. Dorman holds up the DEI books before giving one to the Northwest Regional Library.

Spreading Diveristy, Equity, and Inclusion Awareness


   While attending the GFWC Stste Fall Boards in Orlando, CSWC President, Joan Rounds, purchased two copies of the book What's Wrong with Being Different by Clora D. Nelson. Ms. Rounds got the books signed by Ms. Nelson and the club donated one copy each to James S. Hunt Elementary School and to the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs.