We started the year with a bang...



Our first program of the year was planned by our Arts Chairman.  We had a speaker from the Coral Springs Art Museum who spoke on Museum opportunities. We also conducted our annual Arts and Crafts Competition and had four first place winners that will go onto the District 13 competition.


Four CSWC members attended another District 13 event in Plantation, their Spring Tea.  We had a wonderful time, visiting and eating delighful food items.  The decorations were out-of-sight.  Great event, Plantation.



A group of dedicated women created 106 Valentines to be used at a rehabilitation center on Valentine's Day.  There was much pasting and gluing going on that day, in addition to the great food treats provided by our hostess.




And finally, four beautiful baskets were delivered to a veteran's nursing home for the four women veterans present  in the home.