We have been making progress toward a successful 2020-2021 Club Year...even in these times of stess and uncertainty.

Our budget committee met, prepared the budget for next year, and the submitted budget was approved by the Board during March.

Our nominating committee met, propsed a new slate of officers, that were approved by the Board during March.

Both the budget and slate have been approved by our general membership, using our Newsletter for the announcement and email for the voting.

A Round Robin Installation was held  in May with the result being that all of our officers were installed by another officer.  Each new officer was awared a small gift by her installing officer.

Chairmen for four of our five Communty Service Programs have been appointed, as well as a Parliamentarian.

Our summer planning meeting is being postponed until July, in the hopes that we will be able to meet in person.  If not, ZOOM...here we come!

We have achieved the above thru the use of high technology, but we must be aware that with the use of high technology, we must also have hi touch.